Thursday, May 10, 2012

Very very important site news !!!

Since February there has been alot of problems on my blog. Much problems where caused by Uploading and switching to a different file host.
Recently I posted that I didn't knew what to do: to stop or continue (but spent less time uploading)...

Now there is some news again, some very big news!

As you know I am a member of the Live Concert Guide crew. We have been working on a site for some time now. And now thanks to everybody who visited the site we now have our own .com address.
You may think: OK, is that the big news? Well, no.
What is the big news is that on the new Live Concert Guide there will also be a forum. And after much discussion with the other members of the Live Concert Guide crew, we decided to allow live bootlegs to be posted on this forum.
The other members of the Live Concert Guide crew wanted a forum to post stories, news, pictures and self-made videos. But I wanted to include bootleg recordings.

So now you can go to our new Live Concert Guide forum and download or upload live bootleg recordings there. And I really hope that everybody will also upload their bootlegs.
I will write a post on the forum about how to upload files.

I will spent alot of time on this forum and will be spending less and less time here. This is because posting on the Live Concert Guide forum is much easier for me than keeping this blog up to date. At the forum I'm just one of the mods, here I got to do it all alone.

So please please register at the new forum! I already uploaded some new stuff there and did some re-uploading too.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ace Frehley live in Foxborough 2011 - 2CD - October 31

Showcase Live, Foxborough, MA, USA
Taper: Farve4


01. Intro: Fractured Mirror
02. Rocket Ride
03. Parasite
04. Sister
05. Snowblind/I Want You/Rock Soldiers
06. Love Her All I Can
07. 2000 Man
08. What's On Your Mind
09. She/Hard Times
10. New York Groove


11. Flaming Youth
12. Into The Void
13. Strange Ways
14. Shock Me
15. Guitar Solo
16. Shout It Out Loud
17. Deuce
18. Love Gun
19. Cold Gin

Depositfiles link:
Download this bootleg here